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             In May of 2020, Mike Biskup, wanted to try something different for his 50th birthday. He wanted to mark the middle of his life with a powerful, indelible, creative shift. A Change. A Change that would make the second half of his life significantly different from the first. He wanted the second half of his life to be a symphony of smooth sailing, a profoundly enjoyable and memorable Second Act. He decided to spend the entire month of May walking in the woods, meditating on plants, and practicing mindfulness ala Thich Nhat Hahn. He would dedicate every day to focusing his attention on either The Present Moment, or the most important ideas he had pondered throughout his life leading up to that moment.

After many days of such plentiful pondering, Mike headed to a local cemetery. -- He didn't have a REASON to go to the cemetery, it was an improvisation. Once there, he felt the presence of many many people. People with many types of ancestors. Old People and Very Young People. He spoke with them. He sang to them. He had one large native fellow step into his body for a while and read him the riot act about the noise nowadays. "Why do you people put up with so much NOISE!!! I can't hear myself think anymore, and it's now nearly impossible to hear our bird brothers and sisters." Mike could understand that.

Then quite a bit later in the day, Mike came upon a 20" inch tall Crucifix carved into one of the granite headstones. He looked at J-E-S-U-S and thought, what would happen if I touched it? Moments later he reached out for the figure in stone and Bob's Your Uncle, the lights went out. Remember, he was outdoors during the day, and indeed everything, I mean Everything went black. After the Long Black Flash, came a bright white empty vista of pure light. The polar opposite of the previous Blackness.

Next, from a ways away and behind him Mike heard a clear, loving, powerful voice... "This is your Salvation." It was the voice of one of Michael's long lost childhood heroes, Jesus Christ.

Well! That was interesting, Mike said to himself. I'm going to have to look into this...

A few days later, Mike ventured down to Phoenix Rising Bookstore in Downtown Port Townsend to do some research. Who is Jesus Really? Why was he so special? And why did his voice say what it said, to ME? He looked at several shelves, relaxed himself completely, and patiently let the Energy of Everything guide him to chose two books. Or maybe he just chose them himself. The books he finally purchased were: Chronicle of The Living Christ by Robert A. Powell and Behold The Spirit by Alan Watts. These two books have enlivened in him some very new and different understandings about Christianity, The Eternal Now, several other Religious/Spiritual paths, and Everything Else.

He took his time reading Chronicle of The Living Christ and read each part carefully. Reading a story of the daily details of Christ's life, whether or not it was factual, was very interesting. In the back of his mind, as the book came to a close, he wondered - Now that I'm feeling so connected to Jesus, what will happen when I read Behold The Spirit?

What happened was magical. Everything became God. Everything and Everyone is connected. Everyone is connected to God. End of Story and Beginning. This is all part of Behold The Spirit's unmistakable message, you and God are in Union. There is a Union of Everything and You. There is no way to separate You from Everything Else, or God. You inter-are with God which inter-is with Everything and Everyone Else. Jesus knows this and his words made it clear to me Now.

Inter-being had been my guiding light for nearly 30 years, and now, I knew exactly why. If Everything and Everyone is Connected, then everyone is connected to God. I Am part of God. God and I Inter-Are. I have and always have had union with God, even in moments when The Word God was not in my attention. When the symbols are nowhere to be found, I am still in union with Everything/God. (obviously the words are difficult here, we'll need to refine this passage with time.)

A year or so later, I decided it was time to go back to the cemetery. Was I going for a Reason? No. I was going because I was already going. I sat in front of the same headstone and waited to be moved to action. Uh Oh, He's going to touch the crucifix again! Then there it was... He touched it. As I sat back (far enough back to respect the dead) I heard a voice, my own inner voice, blended with the voice of Jesus Christ. "You are now Father Michael Allen Biskup." Whoa. Oh. Whoa. Hmmm. Well, I am a father, I thought. And being ordained by Jesus in a graveyard is akin to something I've always wanted to experience. Maybe I'll ride this out for a while and see where it takes me. Then I decided to ask another question of Jesus..."What am I to do?"  "What is Father Michael Allen Biskup to do NOW?"

The answer I heard was clearer than a bell,

"Tell The People."

So I've started telling Stories.

You can hear them at The Church Of Change!


Recent Gifts:

The Deep, Deep Mantra
When I know, deep, deep, down The Love of God, I Am Safe.

The Dancer is The Answer

Movement is Medicine

Plants want to help us.

Consider looking into The Green Way

Ask Father Michael if you're interested.

A Morning Starter...
(3-4) rounds Wim Hoff Breathing

(1) challenging cold exposure experience.

These two practices have the power to Change!




Homeopathic Magic to try for 30 days...

Women - Sepia 30c 1 time/day. Older women add Ammonium Carbonicum 30c same dose as above.

Men - Staphysagrya 30c, Stramonium 30c once per day apart from each other by 15 minutes if possible.

They/Them - Calcarea Carbonica 30c, Sepia 30c, Stramonium 30c


Kids - Chammomile, Aconite, Bioplasma...  Arnica for bumps and bruises. Pick up a good book.

Everybody - Arsenicum Album 30c any time you have a stomach ache. Aurum Metallicum 30c for increasing your brilliance - once daily. Belladonna 30c for pain - every 15 minutes when acute. Carcinosinum 30c once daily, for fear of cancer, and to reverse suppression of your beautiful, lovable, individual self expression.

A few homeopathy links to get you started...



Act for God/Good. Be committed to what you believe and allow others to be committed to what they believe. Are we currently respecting diversity of thought and belief? Act out the stories of everyday life to help everyone see more clearly.



A healthy brain is flexible in it’s ways of thinking. A healthy brain makes for a happy life.


Remember how lucky we are to be here. Any way you slice it, we are all miracles. The Gift of Life is being Alive and we have it right now! No one can take that away from us, ever.

I am grateful that I am alive.


Try saying:
I am grateful that I am alive.

I am special.
There is no one else that is exactly like me. I am a one of a kind. In this world, where grains of sand, blades of grass, and waves of sunlight abound in endless numbers, I am only ONE. There is only One Me. I am grateful to be Alive Now.

E is For Everything:
Everything looks a lot like God.
I was sitting on a cloud in the cemetery one day with Bhudda, Krishna, Jesus, Zarathrustra, and many other spiritkeepers of all faiths, genders, colors, sizes, and paths. They were all of the same energy and essence. The energy of living beings in a living universe. It seems to me that Everything is connected and that means Everything Is.

The Church of Change welcomes You.

Learn more about Father Michael Allen Biskup here...


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